Vidyadhara is envisaged to be a journey of learning where one seeks to understand oneself and one's relationship with the world. Along with academic learning and other life skills, education should develop critical thinking among children and expose them to different perspectives.


Education is the cultivation of the mind so that action is not self-centered; it is learning throughout life to break down the walls which the mind builds in order to be secure, and from which arises fear with all its complexities.

Education in the truest sense is helping the individual to be mature and free, to flower greatly in love and goodness. That is what we should be interested in, and not in shaping the child according to some idealistic pattern.

- Jiddu Krishnamurthi


One of the important points in education is to provoke recognition of the world, not as a “given” world, but as a world dynamically “in the making.”

– Paulo Freire 

While Jiddu Krishnamurti inspires us to cultivate a culture of internal reflection, Paulo Freire’s teachings continue to guide our curriculum and pedagogy to a large extent.

Our teaching methods involve students in regular activities of daily living like taking care of our spaces, play items and tools, running the school library etc., which goes a long way in building awareness and responsibility along with hands on experience of how things work. 

A Typical Day At Vidyādhāra

It is important to keep a child connected with the present and the surroundings physically, psychologically as well as socially, to ensure that the child's learning will be based on understanding, that comes through observation, interaction and deep exploration of the world around. 

This makes academic learning meaningful, by enabling the child to relate with phenomena experienced.

Our daily activities are designed to facilitate meaningful learning by being connected with everything around, in the now; lest one should miss out on the near, concentrating on a distant horizon.

A typical day involves community work, prayer, academic activities, learning arts or skills like pottery/carpentry, games, library time, discussions and debates.

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