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Once you have registered for Quiz, you will receive links to Microsoft Teams through which a live quiz will be conducted. You will also receive link to google forms on which you will be required to submit your answers.

During the quiz, you need to toggle between Google form and Microsoft Teams app.

Please refer to the video on how to attend the quiz. (It might be easy for you if you can use 2 devices, one for Microsoft Teams and another for Google forms. )

How to attempt Vidyadhara Quiz?

Talent Show and Nature Conservation Contest

After you have registered for 'Talent Show' or 'Nature Conservation Contest', please make a video of your work and upload it to the Facebook Groups 'Vidyadhara talent show' and ' Vidyadhara Nature Conservation Contest' respectively.

Here are the links to our Facebook Groups

Please watch the video given , if you need help with posting your video on Facebook.

How to upload your video on "Vidyadhara Talent Show" facebook page?"