Our philosophy is inspired by the questions that arise within oneself in one’s quiet, after achieving all that one sought to achieve.


Education in the truest sense is helping the individual to be mature and free, to flower greatly in love and goodness. That is what we should be interested in, and not in shaping the child according to some idealistic pattern. - Jiddu Krishnamurti

One of the important points in education is to provoke recognition of the world, not as a “given” world, but as a world dynamically “in the making.” – Paulo Freire

Schools should be the places which provoke children to think critically, experience moments of quiet, relate to the surroundings and people around and learn to be conscious of the symbiosis at micro and macro levels in biological, social, cultural and economic spheres.

Education which is just about reading, writing, acquiring knowledge and skills, prioritizes job readiness over any other educational value. True value in education lies in helping a child become an individual who is aware and capable of decision making that affects the larger world as well as everyday life.

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