With our primary focus on rural areas, we selected a place about 7 KM from the town of Madanapalle, which is closer to 10 villages. The school is located amidst a vast land devoid of pollution and the hustle bustle of the town. The place has a small steam on one side and a lake on the other, which attract many birds.

We have chosen this location so that it would be possible for children to interact with nature, go on field walks along with teachers and peers and observe the life in the villages nearby, the economic status and linkages between the circumstances and choices one has.

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The town of Madanapalle is located around 120 KM North-East of Bengaluru, and about 100 KM West of Tirupati. Madanapalle is well connected to both Bengaluru and Tirupati by road. Madanapalle can be reached by train also from Tirupati/ Anantapur.

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Andhra Pradesh.