In traditional schooling system fear of failure, and comparison with others are the main sources of motivation behind the exam system. The media and parents encourage this by making much of those who succeed and over-state the consequences of 'failure'.

The board examinations are important and one is encouraged to do well in them as it is mandatory for one to gain entry into any higher education institute of one's choice. However more important than that is the ability to enjoy learning and the motivation from within, to learn any subject, and fear of examination kills the fun in learning in our opinion.

At Vidyādhāra there are no formal tests and ranks. Instead teachers assess students in various ways which are embedded in the teaching - learning processes. The student's work is continuously evaluated, feedback will be shared and corrective action if any, will be planned based on that.

Students' work along with teachers' comments on academic, social and emotional growth of the child, will be shared with the parents.