While Jiddu Krishnamurti inspires us to cultivate a culture of internal reflection, Paulo Freire’s teachings continue to guide our curriculum and pedagogy to a large extent.

In addition to imparting skills and capabilities necessary for students to perform on board examinations and entrance tests, we emphasize on critical pedagogy as a tool of liberation from the social and cultural conditioning.

Selection of content(Syllabus), pedagogic processes(Teaching methods) and Assessment are tailored accordingly.


We are recognized by Govt of Andhra Pradesh and we follow framework of AP Syllabus. However we are not limited by the content of the AP govt. Text books.

We rely on the nature around, the visits to the village and interaction with people from various walks of life for more enriching content. We rely on various books from our well stocked library for wider and deeper insights.

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Teacher’s keenly observe the participation and work done by children in activities and assess the learning levels of each child on various parameters, without the child even knowing that assessment is happening. This gives us a natural understanding of the child’s learning levels, based on which we group children and choose the teaching methods and learning activities for each group.

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At Vidyādhāra teachers assess students in various ways which are embedded in the teaching - learning processes. The student's work is continuously evaluated, feedback will be shared and corrective action if any, will be planned based on that. There are no formal tests as such except one that is conducted annually in order to report the performance to the government. There is no concept of ranks.

Students' work will be shared with the parents along with teachers' comments on both academic performance and social and emotional growth.

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