A Typical Day At Vidyādhāra

An ordinary day at Vidyādhāra starts with children and adults engaging in community activity like tending to plants, cleaning up spaces, plucking and cutting fruits that are to be consumed during the snack break.

Then is the time for Assembly which is a time for prayer and reflection, singing and sharing.

The classes start at 9.30 when activities like debates and discussions, library time, painting, classroom discussion, reading and writing happen. There will be a range of activities related to subjects like Sciences, Mathematics and Languages and arts like pottery, painting/sketching both indoor and outdoor, formal and informal in which children participate. Typical class time is 1.30 hours which can facilitate ample discussion on a topic along with reading and writing related to it. It can help the teacher conclude a topic at a logical juncture as opposed to 40-50 minute sessions that may not let maximum participation of students in the discussion.

Early evenings are time for activities like land work, physical exercises, games, music and dance. Children leave for home by 4.30 PM.

The arid region has sparse vegetation. We have taken up the task of planting saplings in order to turn it into a greener place. We grow a variety of vegetables like gourds, tomatoes, ladies finger, brinjal, chilli, a small quantity of rice, leafy greens, beans and peas and a few pulses, in the fields around. Everything is grown organically.

Children often take part in the process of cultivation involving in age appropriate activities. They learn crop cycles, seasons and many things about plants and of course about symbiosis in nature through these activities and the supply and value chains.

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